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AC-21 Spring Clamp Capo – Durable Metal Body in Silver

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AC-21 Spring Clamp Capo – Durable Metal Body in Silver

The AC-21 Metal Spring Clamp Capo is what we like to call a small but powerful beast. Don’t let it fool you by its size, because under the durable and high quality zinc alloy “hood”, it has a potent steel spring, giving you all the pressure you need. But hey, no need to be scared by it either as due to its soft rubber pads your guitar’s neck and strings have all the protection they need.

  • High-Quality zinc alloy
  • Professional design
  • Strong steel spring
  • Has a bridge pin puller
  • Excellent value

A high-quality zinc alloy body can handle whatever you throw at the capo – from heavy use to falls, it’ll always come out the winner. We like our tools to last and this one fits the bill perfectly, giving you excellent performance for years on end.

The AC-21 has a steel spring powerful enough to eliminate any rattling or buzzing sounds, usually heard when using weaker capos. You also don’t have to worry with any damage being made to your guitar due to the capo’s soft rubber inner pads (one side protects your guitar’s neck and the other the strings).

Another great feature is that combined with its small and portable size, it also delivers an effortless use as you’re able to quickly change its position with just one hand, resulting in one of the most convenient capos you’ll find on the market. On top of that, it’s also extremely comfortable due to the contoured handle.

Not only are you getting a strong and capable capo, but you’re also getting a multi-functional one, since it brings a handy bridge pin puller at one end too. Finally, take a look at the beautiful silver finish and just try not to want it. We dare you! It will be even harder to resist when you see the fantastic price.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x AC-21 Metal Spring Clamp Capo

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9 reviews for AC-21 Spring Clamp Capo – Durable Metal Body in Silver

  1. Ray Diaz

    Arrived in good condition and it’s SUPER solid, very durable indeed. Excellent product all around, fits all of my regular guitars (not the wide neck ones though, only small to regular). 5 stars.

  2. Monica

    Came in 2 weeks and darn it’s beautiful! Clamps tightly, fits most of my guitars and it’s easily changed when it comes to the position. Makes key changing super fast!

  3. Spencer

    Wow, excellent capo! Extremely high quality materials and construction, couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

  4. Rich Burns

    Highly impressed with the AC-21. Looks, feels and works like a dream, a truly Top Quality spring clamp capo.

  5. Freeman R.

    Awesome capo with a beautiful finish and an instantly recognizable amount of quality put into it.

  6. Dillon Silva

    Very good quality & arrived quickly. I highly recommend this capo if you want a resilient, high quality solution.

  7. Ivan L.

    All the characteristics correspond to the declared description, making it a hit! I recommend the store and easily give 5 stars. The capo’s quality is excellent in looks and construction, it’ll last a lifetime.

  8. Terrie

    High quality and super fast delivery, thanks!

  9. Mitzi Keller

    Fast shipping and very well packaged. The capo itself is just as I expected, looks great and the quality is superior to most, solidly built and a breeze to use.

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