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Spring Clamp Capo PLUS – Metal Body in 5 Colors with Bridge Pin Puller




Spring Clamp Capo PLUS – Metal Body in 5 Colors with Bridge Pin Puller

Where could you find a multifunctional capo that not only performs like a professional tool, but is also accessible at an affordable price? You don’t need to look further because here at MyCapos we’ve got the answer – The Metal Spring Clamp Capos PLUS. A strong steel spring and some soft, but resilient pads are just a few features of this amazing capo.

  • High quality zinc alloy
  • Quick release system
  • Excellent value
  • Bridge pin puller

You should be allowed to rock n’ roll away without having to worry about flimsy, weak capos. That’s why the high quality zinc alloy body lets you to just go to town and still have a functional tool at the end.

A strong steel spring delivers powerful clamping pressure – which you need if you want to achieve clean sounds instead of buzzing and rattling tunes. Pairing with that sturdy spring, it has 2 sets of rubber pads – one in contact with the strings and another with the guitar’s neck, meaning you can use it how often you wish without worrying about damage being made to your guitar.

Sick of having to stop playing and spend a long time just to change the capo’s fret position by one or two frets? That’s in the past. With the metal spring clamp capo PLUS you can do it quickly, mid-song, with just one hand. How better could it be?

As if it wasn’t enough, you not only have a bridge pin puller at one end but you can also choose the capo’s finish – you’ve got 5 different looks. All this for a few bucks, what are you waiting for?

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal Spring Clamp Capo PLUS

Spring Clamp Capo PLUSSpring Clamp Capo PLUS 2Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 3Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 4Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 5Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 6Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 7Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 8Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 9Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 10Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 11Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 12Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 13Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 14Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 15Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 16Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 17Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 18Spring Clamp Capo PLUS 19

Additional information

Weight0.07 oz
Dimensions14 × 15 × 1 in
Model Number

6 Strings Guitar Capo Capotraste Guitarra

Brand Name



Guitar Capo Capotraste

5 reviews for Spring Clamp Capo PLUS – Metal Body in 5 Colors with Bridge Pin Puller

  1. Glenn Hill

    Arrived in 13 days only and the capo is PERFECT. Firm, beautiful and great materials.

  2. Ronnie

    This beautiful metal capo works perfectly. It feels solid and durable and arrived in the estimated time. Responsible store, I’m very happy with the purchase.

  3. Joe Wright

    Awesome capo, holds on tight and it’s very well built. Great visuals too.

  4. Steve

    Awesome capo, I recommend it. Durable, hefty and potent spring.

  5. Maria S. Wunderlich

    Second one I have bought, really solid, durable and good looking capo at an excellent price.

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