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Wrap Around Capo – Elastic, Adjustable & Easy to Slide


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Wrap Around Capo – Elastic, Adjustable & Easy to Slide

The Elastic Wrap Around Capo is a unique multifunctional unit. Made from elastic material, you can fasten it around every neck you wish and you have an effective capo regardless of the fretboard’s style. As if that wasn’t enough, you still have the possibility to pull some smooth and awesome shift slides up and down your fretboard.

  • Sturdy and elastic material
  • Clamps tightly
  • Capable of shift slides
  • Fits flat and curved fretboards
  • Extremely versatile

Don’t think that just because we’re talking about elastic material, you’re buying something that will only last a couple of days. The elastic is strong and durable, offering you a chance to capo any guitars for a really long time.

With 3 different tension levels, you’re guaranteed to have a strong pressure on your strings, reaching that clean sound you’d expect from a professional capo. You can also take advantage of the wrap around capo’s secondary ability and start sliding up and down your fretboard, creating some amazing shift slides that will definitely take your music to another level.

Easy to mount and dismount without disturbing the tuning, and designed to offer a comfortable hand-feeling, the only thing standing between you and this unique capo is the mere amount of a Starbuck’s coffee. What are you waiting for?

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Elastic Wrap Around Capo


Additional information

Weight0.1 oz
Dimensions20 × 15 × 12 in


Model Number

Guitar Capo

Brand Name



Folk / Classical / Electric Guitar Bass

4 reviews for Wrap Around Capo – Elastic, Adjustable & Easy to Slide

  1. Brooks Weiss

    Fantastic tool and extremely versatile, just what I needed. Thanks, especially for the awesome price!

  2. Glen D.

    Strong fabric, easy to use and looks great too. Holds down the key tightly and without any damage to the fretboard.

  3. Eric Decker

    Simple, effective, great price to boot. Arrived quickly too.

  4. Duane Waller

    Definitely a novel design and you can’t really quick change with it (as you can with clamps) but its function is very well performed and the price is good too.

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