Capo Tuner Classic – Spring Clamp Metal Capo with Built-In Tuner

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Capo Tuner Classic – Spring Clamp Metal Capo with Built-In Tuner

Whether you’re giving a concert or you’re at home practicing, staying in tune is crucial to any guitar player and if you regularly use capos to change keys, you know just how fast the constant clamping can ruin your perfectly tuned strings. What if you could have the best of both worlds? That’s what the Metal Spring Clamp Classic Capo Tuner offers you – a multifunctional professional capo with a precise built-in tuner.

  • High-quality aluminium
  • Soft silicone pads
  • Accurate built-in tuner
  • Portable and convenient

While its high quality aluminium alloy body makes it a sturdy and durable capo, the soft silicone pads allow the steel spring to offer a great deal of pressure, without damaging your guitar’s neck and strings. That way, you’ll be capable of reaching new possibilities with clear sounds, instead of buzzing and rattling noises.

The built-in tuner is one of the simpler, more effective ones you can find. Just press the button and play the note. While a green screen will tell you everything is on tune, the white one will explain how far and which direction you have to tune your guitar. Even though this tuning capo’s affordable, it doesn’t compromise on quality – it has a tuning tolerance of only 0.5 cents!

The big problem with multifunctional tuning capos is that, sometimes, you’ll have a chunky, large, and awkward capo weighing down your neck, getting in your hand’s way, and ruining your guitar’s style. No problem with this one – its professional silver look allied with its small size (3.5in x 4.9in // 90mm x 125mm) makes it an elegant and convenient capo.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal Spring Clamp Classic Capo Tuner

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