Basic Clamp Capo – Plastic Body in 2 Colors




Basic Clamp Capo – Plastic Body in 2 Colors

The Basic Clamp Capo is, as the name states, the most basic capo we’ve got to offer. Cheap, durable and super lightweight, it does its job efficiently. The rubber pads prevent damage to your guitar’s neck and the clamp system lets you change its position with ease.

  • Hardened plastic body
  • Small and lightweight
  • Extremely inexpensive

Even though it’s made of plastic, it’s not the flimsy kind you’re thinking about – it’s hardened plastic that’s made to endure a higher level of stress and regular use. This along with its simple clamp system, results in a straightforward, easy to use capo.

It measures around 3.8in x 2.4in (97mm x 60mm) and weighs just 0.99oz (22g), making it able to clamp on pretty much every guitar fret without weighing you down. The fine adjustment ladder lets you accurately adapt it to the fretboard, ensuring that you get clean sounds without any buzzing.

It doesn’t offer the bells and whistles or the more advanced features of other capos but you have to take in account its extremely low price. You can also choose its color between a simpler black or a stylish blue.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Plastic Basic Clamp Capo

5 8 6 4

Additional information

Weight0.03 oz
Dimensions12 × 2 × 11 in
Model Number





Durable plastic + rubber


22 G


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